The User's Perspective—Summer 2012

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GASB Pension Revamp Introduces Major Improvements 
The GASB recently approved two pronouncements that change how state and local governments report and account for the pension benefits provided to their employees. These new Statements bring about improvements in the usefulness of pension information for making decisions and assessing accountability. This article provides an overview of the new statements and the implications for users.


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Financial Guarantees: What They Are and What the GASB Is Doing with Them   
Financial Guarantees in the government environment principally involve commitments by governments to ensure that payments take place on debt issued by other entities. This article examines what financial guarantees are, why they are important to governments and users, and what the GASB is doing related to them.

How Financial Report Users Have Their Say in Standards Setting   
The GASB has endeavored to make it easier for users, and constituents in general, to stay up to speed on standards-setting issues and to make your point of view heard. This article highlights just how easy it is to have your say in the standards-setting process.
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