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This recurring website feature highlights articles from The GASB Report, the GASB’s monthly newsletter. The current article appeared in the April 2010 issue.

GASB Relaunches Website

In April, the GASB relaunched its website, The comprehensive site redesign offers more intuitive organization and up-to-date navigation capabilities, which are intended to provide viewers with greater ease of use.

The site design centers on a series of nine tabs that run across the upper portion of the site, each with a drop-down menu.

In addition, information about recent GASB news and activities is available on the left side of the homepage with the GASB Store and links to other information located just beneath. The right side of the homepage offers links to key information areas including projects, due process, technical issues, information about the GASB, and the visitors’ register.

If you have any comments you would like to share with the GASB regarding the redesigned site, we would be delighted to hear from you. Comments may be submitted via email and addressed to Kip Betz, GASB assistant project manager, at

Board Activities
  • Stay informed about when and where the GASB is meeting, holding public hearings and user forums, or meeting with its advisory council.
  • Find out when Board members and staff are speaking at constituent conferences.
  • Get information about events hosted by constituent organizations. 
  • Download and comment on GASB proposals.
  • Get information about projects on the GASB’s technical agenda, including recent developments, major tentative decisions, articles, contact information for project staff, and timetables.
Technical Activities
  • Learn more about the GASB’s technical activities.
  • See full or summary versions of the GASB’s Technical Plan.
  • Ask the GASB staff technical questions regarding standards.
  • Find resources related to the GASB’s standards on other postemployment benefits.
  • Read summaries and statuses of GASB Statements, Concepts Statements, and Interpretations.
  • Visit the GASB’s Service Efforts and Accomplishments Reporting website.
  • Better understand the GASB’s standards and standards-setting activities.
  • Read plain-language articles, fact sheets, and other frequently requested GASB materials.
  • View short video presentations on selected GASB proposals and final pronouncements. 
  • Find information designed for the users of state and local government financial reports.
  • Read the GASB’s electronic newsletter, The User’s Perspective.
  • Learn about the User Guide Series.
About GASB
  • Find organizational information about the GASB.
  • Read about the GASB’s vision, mission, and core values.
  • Learn about the GASB’s history and standards-setting processes.
  • Meet the GASB members and their advisory council.
  • Register to be included in the GASB’s constituent database. 
News Center
The News Center offers the latest news releases issued by the GASB and the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF).

The Foundation link gives the viewer access to organizational information about the FAF, including its officers and Trustees, corporate governance information, the annual report, and budget information.

GASB Store
Hard copies of GASB publications, subscriptions, and electronically based products are available for purchase through the GASB Store. The User Guide Series, which provides a nontechnical introduction to the financial reports of state and local governments and school districts, is also available through the GASB Store.

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