December 2023 Event and Location
December 12–14 Board Meeting
Financial Accounting Foundation
Norwalk, CT

Meetings are available by webcast. To access the webcasts, visit Live Meeting Webcasts. Stakeholders also are welcome to observe meetings in person.
If you plan to observe a meeting in person, please notify Greta DeAngelis at 203-956-5289 or by email at In addition, because of the FAF’s security procedures, visitors are required to register at least 48 hours before each meeting they are planning to attend.

Please note that, upon arrival at our offices, you will be required to complete a form certifying that: (1) you are not being evaluated for a possible COVID-19 infection (such as awaiting results from a COVID-19 test because of a suspected infection or exposure); and (2) you are not required to isolate under CDC guidelines.