Presentation Policy

Upon request and subject to availability due to prior commitments, the GASB members and staff are pleased to present updates on the GASB’s activities or more in-depth sessions on specific standards or proposed standards to governments and not-for-profit entities that sponsor conferences and seminars. Due to time constraints associated with the preparation of materials, these presentations generally are limited to one to two continuing professional education credit hours. The GASB does require reimbursement for out-of-pocket travel expenses, including direct travel costs and lodging expenses, for such presentations.

GASB presentations at conferences or seminars sponsored by for-profit entities are limited to in-house staff training. The GASB does not participate in conferences or seminars that will be attended by clients or potential clients of the organization sponsoring the event. These presentations are subject to an honorarium policy in addition to the reimbursement of out-of-pocket travel expenses. Please click the following link to view the honorarium policy.

If you would like to request a GASB speaker for your conference or seminar please contact Lisa Parker (