Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory
Council Meetings Calendar

March 2022 Event and Location
March 7–8 GASAC
Financial Accounting Foundation
Norwalk, CT
July 2022 Event and Location
July 11–12 GASAC
New York Airport Area
October 2022 Event and Location
October 10–11 GASAC
Financial Accounting Foundation
Norwalk, CT

At this time, the Financial Accounting Foundation offices are closed to visitors. Hybrid meetings are being conducted and are available by webcast. To access the webcasts, visit the Meetings section of the GASB website,, and go to Live Meeting Webcasts.

To access the archived webcasts, visit the Webcast Recordings section of the GASB website and click on the date of the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding the meetings, please contact Greta DeAngelis by email at