GASB Board Member Jeffery Previdi Recently Appeared on DebtWire’s Podcast the Muni LowDown  [08/02/21]

GASB Issues Proposal to Enhance Concepts for Notes to Financial Statements  [07/20/21]

GASB Proposes Omnibus Statement Addressing Wide Range of Practice Issues  [07/19/21]

GASB Proposes to Rename the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  [04/13/21]

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GASB Provides Guidance to Assist Stakeholders with Application of Its Pronouncements  [06/02/21]

GASB Requests Input on Proposed Improvements to Guidance for Accounting Changes and Error Corrections  [06/01/21]

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FAF Issues 2020 Annual Report,
“Standards That Work from Main Street to Wall Street”  [05/26/21]

Financial Accounting Foundation Board of Trustees  [05/03/21]

GASB Publishes Annual Crain Grant Program Request for Research Proposals  [03/22/21]

Financial Accounting Foundation Appoints Robert W. Hamilton to the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council (GASAC)  [03/17/21]

Bond Buyer Interview with GASB Vice Chair Jeffrey Previdi: How the Pandemic Has Affected Public Finance  [03/10/21]

GASB Requests Input on Proposal to Improve Guidance on Compensated Absences, Amend Certain Disclosures  [03/03/21]