FASB and GASB to Cohost IN FOCUS: Not-for-Profit and Governmental Accounting Webcast for Academics  [10/01/19]

GASB Proposes Guidance on Replacement of Interbank Offered Rates with New Reference Rates  [09/26/19]

FAF Trustees Appoint Fiona Ma to the Governmental Accounting Standards Advisory Council  [08/28/19]

GASB Publishes Implementation Guidance on Lease Accounting  [08/15/19]

Registration Opens for CPE Webinar IN FOCUS: GASB Implementation Guides for Fiduciary Activities and Leases  [08/06/19]

Financial Accounting Foundation Board of Trustees  [08/05/19]

FAF Trustees Open Search for New Board Chair  [07/29/19]

GASB Proposes Omnibus Statement Addressing Wide Range of Practice Issues  [07/09/19]

GASB Proposes Guidance on Internal Revenue Code Section 457 Deferred Compensation Plans  [06/28/19]

GASB Issues Implementation Guide on Fiduciary Activities  [06/17/19]

GASB Proposes Guidance on Public-Private and Public-Public Partnership Arrangements  [06/13/19]

GASB Invites Governments to Participate in New Process for Collecting Information About Implementation  [06/03/19]