Testimonials on the GASB Practice Fellow Program

It has been really informative to get a behind the scenes look at the intricacies of the project cycle and the operations of the GASB and staff. I’m developing a broader range of technical and writing skills as I’m exposed to government practices outside my primary market. The work experience is much different than auditing and I’ve already had the opportunity to work on projects in several different phases of due process including pre-agenda research, preliminary views and exposure draft. I’m enjoying the opportunities to network with individuals from around the country who participate in our research and project feedback. I’m looking forward to my remaining time at the GASB and to bringing this experience and knowledge back to my firm.

Susannah M. Baney
Current Associate Practice Fellow
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
Oak Brook, IL

The unique opportunity to have a first-hand look into the standard setting process as a Practice Fellow was an unexpected turn in my career path. The entire GASB staff has been extremely welcoming during my transition and I look forward to learning more about the process and projects. I hope to make valuable contributions to the GASB during my time here and look forward to taking important insights back to my firm.

Amy Shreck
Current Practice Fellow
Omaha, NE

The Practice Fellow Program has exceeded my expectations. It has been a fantastic way to expand my knowledge, develop important professional contacts, and enhance different skill sets. It is a career opportunity unlike any other, and I am proud to have been part of it. The people at the GASB (and the FAF and FASB) were very welcoming and made me feel like a valuable part of the organization.

Deborah Beams
Dallas, TX

My two and a half years as a GASB Practice Fellow were exceptionally rewarding both professionally and personally. The technical experience I gained and the professional contacts I made while serving as a Practice Fellow helped credentialize me within the state and local government industry. Further, being in the unique position of developing accounting standards provided me a perspective and a discipline of thought 180 degrees from the traditional role of an auditor assisting clients to interpret and implement such standards. On a personal level, the team at GASB was a pleasure to work with and was supportive of the accomplishment of my goals and objectives while serving as a Practice Fellow. I would highly recommend the GASB Practice Fellow position to anyone who is presented with the opportunity to serve in such a role.

Gregory Driscoll
Boston, MA

My fellowship at the GASB not only allowed me to hone my technical skills, but it allowed me to enhance my writing and presentation skills, as well. If I can take a position, describe it in writing, present it to the Board members and field questions on it, speaking to an audit committee or a board of one of my clients should be easy. When I look back on my career, I am confident my time at the GASB will be a real highlight.

Todd A. Webster
Tampa, Florida