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Implementation Guidance—2019 Update

Project Description: The objective of this project is to update implementation guidance for additional issues that come to the attention of the staff. This project will result in the issuance of an annual Implementation Guide. In addition, all updates will be incorporated into the Codification of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards and the Comprehensive Implementation Guide.

Initial Deliberations: October 2018

Implementation Guidance—2019 Update—Project Plan

: Implementation guidance is updated annually through the addition of new questions and answers.

Project History:
  • Implementation Guide No. 2018-1, Implementation Guidance Update–2018, cleared for issuance: April 2018
  • Current update project added to current technical agenda: April 2018
  • Deliberations began October 2018
  • Consultative group appointed? No
Work Plan:
Board Meetings Topics to Be Considered
December 2018–
January 2019:
Comment Period
March 2019: Redeliberate issues based on respondent feedback
April 2019 (T/C): Review a preballot draft of a final Implementation Guide
April 2019:   Review a ballot draft of a final 2019 Implementation Guide and consider for clearance

Implementation Guidance—2019 Update—Recent Minutes

Minutes of Meetings, November 14–16, 2018

The Board reviewed a ballot draft of an Exposure Draft of a proposed Implementation Guide, Implementation Guidance Update—2019, and provided suggestions for clarifying edits. The Board did not object to the issuance of the Exposure Draft.

Minutes of Teleconference, October 22, 2018

The Board reviewed and provided clarifying comments on two additional staff-proposed questions and answers—one on cash flows reporting and one on application of Statement No. 48, Sales and Pledges of Receivables and Future Revenues and Intra-Entity Transfers of Assets and Future Revenues. The Board also reviewed additional staff-proposed amendments to Question 5.74.1 in Implementation Guide No. 2015-1 and Question 4.53 in Implementation Guide No. 2017-2, Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefit Plans Other Than Pension Plans, to address an issue identified since the initial discussion of project staff proposals for this update. The Board then reviewed and provided clarifying comments on the preballot draft of an Exposure Draft of an Implementation Guide, Implementation Guidance Update—2019. The Board did not object to moving forward with development of a ballot draft of the Exposure Draft for consideration at the November Board meeting.

Minutes of Meetings, October 2–4, 2018

The Board reviewed potential new questions and answers and proposed amendments to existing questions and answers related to an implementation guidance update, provided suggested clarifying edits, and tentatively did not object to the proposed new questions and answers and proposed amendments to existing questions and answers, as modified, to be incorporated into the next implementation guidance update for the following topics:

  • The financial reporting entity
  • Postemployment benefits (pensions and OPEB)
  • Derivative instruments
  • Nonexchange transactions
  • Irrevocable split-interest agreements
  • Insurance recoveries
  • Valuation of intra-entity transfers
  • Fund balance
  • Tax abatement disclosures
The Board also did not object to moving forward with a preballot draft of a proposed Implementation Guide.