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Looking Back at Ten Years of Pension Reporting 
Ten years ago this year, state and local governments implemented new GASB standards that significantly changed how governments determined their long-term obligations and annual costs for pension benefits and reported them to the public. This article describes a GASB project that is reviewing how well those pension standards have met their objectives.


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Considering Guidelines for Voluntary Performance Reporting 
In the summer of 2008, the GASB published a due process document seeking input on the development of suggested guidelines that governments might follow if they voluntarily choose to report on their performance. This article provides an overview of the suggested guidelines contained in the document and how they help to make a service efforts and accomplishments report an effective means of demonstrating accountability.
How Financial Report Users Have Their Say in Standards Setting 
A primary purpose of accounting and financial reporting standards is to help the people that use governmental financial information—bond raters, taxpayer associations, legislators, and so on—to get the decision-useful information they need. Hearing from these people regarding whether the GASB’s proposed standards would result in that needed information is critical to effective standards setting. This article explains the vital importance of people like you getting involved in standards setting and describes the many ways the GASB has made it easier for you to do so.
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