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The Financial Reporting Model Reexamination

The GASB soon will be releasing a document for public comment in its reeamination of the financial reporting model. I'll explain why it's critical that we hear from you.
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GASB Associate Practice Fellow Susannah Baney talks about the recent Exposure Draft, Certain Debt Extinguishment Issues.
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Need to Know:
Financial Reporting Model Reexamination

The Invitation to Comment will seek feedback from stakeholders on elements of the existing financial reporting model. This article will lay out certain aspects identified as areas of potential improvement.
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  • Need to Know:
    Financial Reporting Model Reexamination

On the Horizon

This article explores the Omnibus Exposure Draft, the Leases project, and the forthcoming Statement on fiduciary activities.
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Exposure Draft, Certain Debt Extinguishments

The Exposure Draft, Certain Debt Extinguishments, is out for public comment through October 28, 2016. Let us hear from you!

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