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Video: Looking Ahead at 2018

In 2018, the GASB will concentrate its efforts on the Big Three—the Financial Reporting Model, Revenue and Expense Recognition, and Notes Disclosures. Learn more about these efforts and what else is in store.
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Getting to Know Board Member Kris Knight

New GASB Member Kris Knight talks about how his work with the state of Delaware informs his role on the Board. He also discusses key challenges and opportunities as the Board continues its work reexamining the financial reporting model.
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How the GASB is Funded

You may know a good deal about the GASB, but have you ever wondered where its funding comes from? Learn more about it in our first ever animated infographic.
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  • From the Chairman
  • Featured Video:
    Getting to Know Board Member Kris Knight
  • How the GASB is Funded

Need to Know:
OPEB Implementation Guidance for Employers

Before the end of the year, the GASB is slated to publish implementation guidance on accounting and financial reporting for postemployment benefits other than pensions. Learn more about what's in the guide and how to get it free of charge.
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Handy Reference:
Facts About GASB

This four-page guide gives readers a quick overview of the Board, including its members and their backgrounds, how it sets standards, key information it makes available, and more.
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