Spotlight on the GASB Practice Fellow Program

The GASB Practice Fellow Program is a unique opportunity for public accountants with at least eight years of experience to participate in the Board’s standard-setting process. Practice Fellow candidates are nominated by their firms and commit to spending two years working at the GASB Headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut, before returning to their sponsor firm.

By participating in the program, GASB Practice Fellows deepen their knowledge of and experience with governmental accounting and financial reporting. They have the opportunity to enhance their communications and problem-solving skills and apply their creativity to the Board’s decision process. Practice fellows have found that the experience significantly contributes to their professional development and career advancement, and bolsters their self-confidence in handling a wide range of client issues.

The principal benefits to sponsoring firms relate to the Practice Fellow’s exposure to key accounting and financial decision makers and from familiarity with the Board’s decision process. They also benefit from the returning Practice Fellow’s ability to draw upon “hands-on” experience with standards setting in developing the firm’s positions on accounting issues.

Practice Fellows are an important resource to the GASB and perform an invaluable role in managing key accounting standard setting projects while serving as full-fledged project managers during their tenure.

For additional information about the Fellow Program, including regarding the nominating process and financial arrangements, please contact Robert H. Kalina, vice president of human resources at the Financial Accounting Foundation.